LVD (Low Voltage Standard Test)

European Union electrical / electronic equipment required
LVD tests can be done from our laboratory.

What is LVD Request a Test

LVD Test Laboratory

LVD stands for Low Voltage Directive in English and stands for low voltage directive. It is used to express low voltage tests in our country.

This directive is the Regulation on Electrical Equipment Designed for Use within Certain Voltage Limits 2006 / 95 / EC.

LVD Testing Service

LVD Insulation

Necessary insulation tests are carried out for the installation of the system that prevents leakage current in the devices.

LVD High Voltage

Testing the resistance of all accessible material on the device under normal conditions.

LVD Residual Current

Checking the leakage current due to high ground resistance or contact of the cable connected to ground.

LVD Grounding

The soil continuity test is carried out between PE conductor and accessible metal parts.