Our Quality Policy

Quality Policy - LVD

Our company TÜRCERT Technical Control and Certification Inc., since the first day of its establishment, has created trust in the eyes of customers and has become a sought after in the industry, it largely owes to the principles of work, quality understanding and consistent with the policies pursued. We strive to give our staff the best of our staff.

At the top of the policies that our company attaches importance to, is the principle of impartiality and independence. Our company always acts impartially and independently during its product and service certification activities or measurement, analysis, testing, inspection and evaluation activities with public or private institutions it serves, and pays attention to always remain objective during the studies. Necessary guarantees have been established within the Company to ensure this. We use quality to give and search for better quality work under all conditions and conditions.

The second of the policies that our company attaches importance to is the principle of confidentiality. All kinds of information and documents obtained or observed during the studies and the issued reports are protected and confidential. All documents are not disclosed and shared with third parties in any way. All records are kept within the specified time and in reliable environments, as long as the customer regulations are not provided otherwise.

The third basic policy of our company is to carry out its activities within the framework of the General Criteria Standard for the Operation of Various Types of Inspection Institutions. Our company is careful to carry out its own activities in accordance with the standards, whether it is in the certification studies of products and services, measurement, analysis, testing, inspection and evaluation activities and acts in accordance with the standards determined and published by national and international organizations.

It carries out all the works it undertakes as accredited to national and international accreditation organizations and prepares the necessary reports and documents within the framework of the authorization it receives and in accordance with the accreditation rules.

Our company also fully complies with the requirements of national and international legal regulations and European Union directives and regulations during its activities. This issue has a significant importance in the policies of our company.

Another policy that our company attaches importance to is to take into consideration only the needs of the organization requesting services in all services provided and not to go beyond this. Our company attaches importance to meeting the expectations of the organizations it serves. Customers are always offered practical and economical solutions.

Our company has adopted a customer-oriented management approach and offers equal services to all customers without compromising the principles set and tries to create customer satisfaction. In this way, it creates a sense of trust and loyalty among customers.

Our company always tries to be the first among its competitors in this sector, takes its competitors in the sector seriously, tries not to create unfair competition with unnecessary methods and always tries to be ahead of its competitors. In this way, our company tries to create added value for its customers in all the services it offers and aims to be the leader in its sector.

Our company is concerned with policy, human resources and infrastructure. In order to provide all the services it provides to its customers accurately, quickly and in a quality way and reliably, on the one hand to have trained, experienced and responsible employees, on the other hand, to provide a fast, complete and quality service, on the other hand, has a solid infrastructure weight.

Our company also develops itself continuously. While closely following new techniques and methods, it tries to follow the new legal regulations. On the other hand, it tries to inform the organizations it serves in this direction.

Finally, an important aspect of our company policies is the protection of the environment and natural resources. Our company acts with a sense of responsibility and is sensitive about the protection of the environment and natural resources. If we show our quality under any conditions and look for us, we are happy…