LVD Measuring Instruments

LVD Measuring Instruments

The electrical panels, machines, household appliances, etc. that you produce. All electrical tests of the equipment are performed on this product.

Tests and Properties 

500 performs the insulation resistance test up to V DC.

Continuity (Earth continuity) test (up to 25 Ampere) is measured.

Leakage current test is performed on the body of the device.

Function tests (current, power, frequency, voltage) are performed.

3000 has High Voltage (Puncture) Test Feature up to Volt AC.

Touch LCD screen feature

Thermal printer and Barcode Reader for Quick Test Results 

Automatic Test Feature

All electrical tests of the equipment you produce such as electrical panel, machinery, household appliances are used in one product to measure the parameters that determine the safety of Electrical Equipment.

Tests and Properties 

  • 100 V and 250 V (PAT - 810 / 815 / 820) and 500 V (PAT-810 / 815 / 820) The insulation resistance test is performed.
  • Continuity test 200 MA (PAT-810 / 815 / 820), 10 A and 25 A (PAT-815 / 820) (protection class 1) are measured.
  • Leakage current test is performed on the device body.
  • Function tests (current, power, voltage, frequency) are performed.
  • 3000 has High Voltage (Puncture) Test Feature up to Volt AC.
  • Mains voltage and frequency are measured.
  • IEC cable test is performed.
  • Automatic Test Feature.
  • Automatic measuring range selection
  • Automatic measurement of RCD parameters.
  • IP40 feature
  • Touch LCD screen feature.
  • There is wifi on the property.

Another measuring device according to the Low Voltage Directive

Tests and Properties

  • 100 V, 250 V and 500 V Insulation resistance test
  • Continuity test 200 MA, 10 A and 25 A (Protection class 1)
  • Leakage current test is performed on the device body.
  • PE, touch, permanent leakage current measurement is made.
  • Power and current consumption is measured.
  • IEC header test feature
  • Phase-Neutral trial test
  • Fuse test is done
  • Has Auto Test Feature
  • Large bright display feature
  • Automatic measuring range selection
  • 990 test recording feature
  • IP40 system 


Other Technical Features:

  • Insulation measurement conformity: EN 61010-1 and IEC 61557
  • Measurement category: II 300V, classified as EN 61010-1
  • Power supply: 187 ... 265V, 50Hz resistance
  • Load current: max16A (230V) volts 
  • Measurement memory: 990 cells 
  • Data transfer to PC: USB
  • Dimensions: 330x235x120mm
  • Weight: 4,75 in kg
  • Operating temperature: 0 ... + 40 ° C
  • Storage temperature: -20 ... + 70 ° C 
  • Humidity:% 20… 80
  • Protection class: IP40


Another Tool and Features Suitable for LVD Functions

  • Continuity of protection conductor with 200mA
  • Continuity characteristic of protection conductor with I> 10A, V <12V AC
  • Continuity characteristic of protection conductor with I> 25A, V <12V AC
  • 100,250,500,1000VDCTest voltage with insulation resistance feature
  • 250V to 5100V AC can be tested for durability with programmable test voltage
  • Internal capacity, discharge time test can be performed on the power supply plug
  • Measure leakage current (HT96U optional accessories) with external clamp
  • General, selectable and delayed tests up to 1000mA are performed on RCD for A, AC, B General types
  • Line / Loop impedance and Ipsc calculations
  • High resolution Line / Loop impedance (with optional accessories IMP57)
  • B, C, D, K curve; MCB protected test feature with GG and AM fuse type
  • Length, cable type, insulation cable, protection device tripping time selections
  • Spherical earth resistance without opening RCD
  • Phase sorting indicator feature
  • Touch TFT Screen feature
  • Programmable timing in tests
  • Programmable threshold for measurements
  • Built-in memory
  • USB interface features for PC Connection
  • USB interface for keyboard, printer and barcode reader connection