How LVD Measurement Laboratory Should Be

How LVD Measurement Laboratory Should Be

a) fulfill the tasks, including the implementation, maintenance and improvement of the management system, and identify deviations from the management system or testing and / or calibration procedures

and have administrative and technical personnel with the necessary powers and resources, regardless of other responsibilities to initiate the necessary actions to prevent or minimize such deviations.

b) have arrangements to ensure that management and personnel are kept away from any commercial, financial and other internal and external pressures and effects that may adversely affect the quality of the work performed. So regulations and rules should be set.

c) have policies and procedures to ensure the protection of confidential information and proprietary rights of its customers, including procedures and methods that safeguard the electronic retention and transmission of results. There must be a privacy policy.

d) have policies and procedures to prevent any activity that may reduce confidence in competence, impartiality, decision-making or honesty of work. Employees and products must be reliable.

e) its establishment and management structure, its place within any parent organization; describe the relationship between quality management, technical activities and support services. Policies should be classified.

f) Identify the responsibilities, as well as their authority and relations with each other, of any personnel performing direct, direct, implementation or verification duties that have a direct impact on the quality of the test and / or calibration. Staff should be aware of their powers and duties.

g) Experts who are familiar with all test and calibration elements, methods and procedures, including personnel candidates, and the objective of each test and / or calibration, and can evaluate the results of the test or calibration.

to ensure that they are properly guided. Each personnel or group of staff should have a competent authority at the head.

h) have a technical management generally responsible for the provision of resources and technical operations required to ensure the quality required in laboratory operations.

i) Regardless of its other duties and responsibilities, it shall have the authority and responsibility to ensure that the quality and management system is implemented and monitored at all times;

manager should be assigned; he must have direct access to the highest level of management where decisions are made about laboratory policy and resources. You need to have a professional at work.

The laboratory should establish, implement and maintain a management system appropriate to the scope of its activities. The laboratory should make its policy, system, program, procedure and instructions document at the level to ensure the quality of the test and / or calibration results. System documentation should be communicated to the relevant personnel and be understood, accessible and applicable to them. A laboratory may or may not be openable in accordance with the above.