LVD Test Laboratory

LVD Test Laboratory

Eurolab first be part of a European level technical committee that lets you know the evolution of standards and then reports new regulatory requirements to customers. 

At Eurolab you can run certification tests and completion practices to obtain European and International Certifications. 

With the advent of Eurolab Rohs Directive has invested in equipment and training to fulfill the requirements of the Directive. You can actually perform XRF checks in your own lab of homogeneous material or products of integers and finally file creation. 

An internal department in the laboratory is able to work and apply special test equipment according to customer requirements beyond the normal tests required by mandatory regulations. Stress tests, endurance, aging cycles, reliability verification, research guathy, and others 

In laboratories you can conduct electromagnetic compatibility tests (Burst EMC, ESD, Surge,) that in both an anechoic screened room that tests vibration, shock, chemical tests, tests for food, cosmetics and toys and many other contact products.


LVD testing for Eurolab is the technical main part of the institution Working committees of European standards

  • Committee CT62 medical devices,
  • Committee CT59 instruments,
  • CT 34 lighting fixtures,
  • And many others

Eurolab (CE is able to perform tests within the framework of safety audits conducted both nationally, European and internationally in laboratories associated with all its own laboratories and laboratory tests and planned to fulfill the requirements of both mandatory certification rules) or voluntary (KEMA, TÜV, GS, CB, Nemko, etc.) .). 

Eurolab uses and constantly updated specialist technicians to provide the necessary support to solve problems encountered during analysis and testing.